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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 2 Juice Fast/FEAST!

March 4th, 2010

Weight: 150.2 (still?)

Today's Juice's:

2 oz. wheatgrass

Breakfast: 4 c. Carrot, Celery, Dark Kale, Apple, Sunflower Sprouts

Lunch: 3 c. coconut water from 3 young Thai coconuts.

Dinner: 2 c. tomato, cabbage, carrot, cilantro, celery, red pepper.

2 oz. wheatgrass

Symptoms: The abcess on my gum is GONE! Around 10 a.m. my tongue was coated with icky yellowish greenish crud. YUCK!! Scraped that nasty stuff right off! Slight headache, a little light headed. And after drinking dinner I started getting a right kidney pain.

I woke up, after an amazing nights sleep,
today feeling FABULOUS! We have family scripture study at 6:30 a.m. and usually I'm kinda draggin and half asleep. Well, NOT TODAY! Energy galore.

And now for the REAL story! I had my first Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment! WooHoo!

I went to see a true angel, cuz that's what she is, Marilyn Farr in Springville :801-489-8363
(if you go to her tell her I refered you cuz for every 5 people you refer to her you get 1 free!)
She charges $50 if you pay in cash, or $60 check. Not unreasonable, considering........

I couldn't stop staring at how amazing she looked! She glowed. Her skin was luminescent. She was just angelic and beautiful with a dispostition and personality to match!
Her little home is IMMACULATE! I was blown away. Not a SPEC of dust! I guess dealing with poop all day makes you a little "anal"!!! LOL! (I just HAD to say that!) :) :) :)

She took me into the pristine little typical standard sized full bathroom that she had all set up with a pad on top of the tub covered with a towel and pillow. (Did I mention how CLEAN everything was??)

There was a water filter thing up in the right hand corner of the room with a couple of tubes, a PVC type looking tube thing with another couple of tubes going into the toilet.

She had me undress from the waist down and lay on my left side covered with a towel.
She handed me the 10 inch or so "speculum" and proceeded to instruct me on how to "insert"
it MYSELF??? WTHay? I thought SHE was supposed to do it?! Well, I was actually relieved in away. She never saw me naked or touched anypart of me. It was very unintrusive and modest. Much less intrusive than a papsmear.

I was soooo nervous. Just for the record....I have NEVER stuck anything up my bootehy before thank you very much! Nor was I excited to! Anyway, it was a little "oweey" but then it just went right in! ;) (What am I talking about?! I should probably leave that part out right?)

Then she let the water in. I didn't feel anything until I suddenly felt like you-know-what...."I gotta go!" and that's when she let it out and I watched the stuff pass in the plastic tube. Okay, so there wasn't anything the first time (she probably did it like 10 times in all.)
Then the next time there were....well just watch it on!

All of the crap was coming out, LOL, when all of a sudden she shouts,
"A WORM! Did you see that?!"

EXCUSE ME???????!!!!! Did you say A WORM???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HAD A WORM COME OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????

That's when I got serious and really lightheaded and sick to my stomach I almost crapped my pants, oh wait a minute...LOL! No seriously, I started massaging REALLY good now.
(Am I emphasizing enough the extreme necessity I felt to get those things out!?)Hello??!!

There wasn't another one. Trust me, I had already planned my next visit right then and there! I'm getting rid of those things!

Then she told me that EVERYBODY has them and that I could take some herbs to help kill them. Uh, sign me up! That was life changing for me! Another pro in getting healthy. Take a look at this:

On the positive side she told me she could tell that I was a raw foodist (not really very much turds). She could tell that my body was in detox mode by the amount of toxins and the color or the liquids etc. She said I did really well for my first colonic and that my body is responding to my fasting, or feasting ( the new way to call it).

After the last "irrigation" she warned me that I would have to wait a minute while she put away the hoses so that I could use the toilet. Well? Why would I need to use the toilet if she just flushed it out right? Hahaha, WELL! As soon as that thing came out the "urge" was on! I was like,"Uhmm, I REALLY gotta go!" And I made it and out came more!

Yay! Aren't you soooooo glad you just read that? Well, not as glad as I am to be blogging about it! TMI! TMI! TMI!!!!

I have another appointment set for next thursday!

Well, overall I feel good. I have energy. I feel positive and motivated to continue. (And this from a food addict!) I'm really excited to "bring it on!" Let the healing begin!

Oh, here's another great website about what to expect during a juice fast:


  1. WOW!! That really is TMI :) but SOMEone needs to tell us all about these things and what they're like. You're awesome and I'm glad you're hanging in there and telling us all about it.

    A worm? Now I have worm stress--thanks for that. :)

  2. I appreciate the TMI. It was recommended by a mentor of mine to do a colonoscopy a few years ago but I have been way to chicken. Glad to hear your experience in detail.

  3. Hi there,
    I just found your blog via

    I'm on day 5 of a semi juice feast (I was eating a few nuts a day but just read it slows down the cleansing process so won't do that again). I'm so glad to find your blog! I don't know anyone who's done this before and my juicer just came last week so I'm super new at this. I've been eating raw for 3 months maybe. (Sick with chronic fatigue, regular docs were no help, just found raw).

    I'm soooo glad for all the TMI!!! =) As Ginger said, I now have Worm Stress too! And that video!!! wow! I had an apt for a colon cleanse had to cancel it - will call to reschedule tomorrow! It really is super helpful for me to hear what it was like, I had this image that it was more like a OBGYN apt or something. So I'm relieved! Thank you! OK, off to read day 3. Maybe I'll catch up, I think you're coming OFF this feast in real time =). I'm proud of you! ~ Cari

  4. Cari, How are you??? I am so sorry that I never noticed your posts (and those of others)!! Please forgive me! I want to know how you are doing now??