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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 1 of my very first JUICE FAST!

March 3, 2010

My story. In a nutshell. I got sick on July 20, 2008. I went to several doctors with no real answers and not much hope of finding one. After giving up and giving it to God. He led me. He led me right to RAW FOODS. I went "cold turkey" October 15, 2008. I bought all the books, equiptment, and took classes. My health improved remarkably, yet I still had some symptoms. I was so happy and strong and commited and thought I would NEVER go back.....

Because of tremendous emotional stress (I won't go into THAT) I caved. I started adding a few "cooked" items into my diet, i.e.; baked chips, popcorn, Ezekiel bread. But my diet was still considerably raw. Then MORE stress arrived in November 2009 and I started "cheating" even more, i.e.; bready bread, the cooked vegan meals I made for my family, butter, chinese food. I was really out of control. "Using" food like a drug. To numb the pain. (I won't go into THAT either!) I tried several times to get back "on the wagon" and couldn't. I got really depressed that I was feeling terribly physically and emotionally and couldn't find that "happy, strong, commited girl" and almost got into the car and ran away to a raw healing center to get help. I started therapy (for the DRAMA) and opened up to my hubby and got him really "on board" for support.

So, yesterday was Day 1 of going on a juice fast to really help my body detox and heal the health issues that have plagued me now for 18 months.
Feeling really hopeful that I can do this because of having so much support; God, hubby, therapist, my children and a few friends. I dove right in (happy, strong, commited girl!)
I decided to start a blog and keep track of how I feel and the progress I am making. I hope this might help you too!

Starting Date: March 3, 2010

Starting weight: 150.2 (I had gotten down to 130 when I was 100% raw and have gotten to this weight since July 2009)

Health symptoms:abcessed tooth,white patches on labia, headaches, chest pain, dizzyness, depression, stomach pains, numbness and arrythmia.


Breakfast: 4 c. carrot, apple, celery juice

Lunch: 2 c. grapefruit juice

Dinner: 2 c. Dark Kale, celery, orange, lemon juice

4 oz. wheatgrass

I took the kids to school. Worked on my music (I am making a CD.) Showered. Picked up daughter from school. Went to Good Earth to stock up on veggies. Costco for more fruit and veggies. Felt good. A little light headed. Went to a 2 hour counseling session. THAT felt great letting go of all that mental toxicity! Parent teacher conferences. Home. Headache/pressure started and some chest pain. My sweet husband got dinner for the kids and made me a juice.
Made an appointment for my first colon hydrotherapy tomorrow......I stopped by my dear friend Cheryl's purse party for 30 minutes then went home to bed/laptop!
Sipped on water.

It's wierd. I feel a bit weak. Lightheaded. Head hurts. BUT I have all this energy vibrating throughout my body! I could hardly fall asleep!

I made it through Day 1! I KNEW I could!!


  1. Good for you- especially since it's still winter! (I find it hard to do lots of fresh foods/ juices when it's cold outside.) I'm especially impressed because juice fasting takes a lot of commitment. This will be inspiring to many people!

  2. You can do it! You will feel so good. I am proud of you and can't wait to follow your blog. Go Lara!