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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 17 - Juice Feast

March 19, 2010

Today's Juice's:

Breakfast: 32 oz. apple, orange, carrot, celery, asparagus, romaine, red cabbage, beet w/greens.

3 oz. wheatgrass

mango, pineapple, tangelo Popsicle

The Sun is Shining and Blue-green Algae.

Echinacea Tea

Dinner: 2 oz. wheatgrass

Esiac Tea

Today's Symptom's: Head pressure, pains in the stomach area, liver and right kidney, I feel really mellow, clear vaginal discharge, facial numbness, some palpitations.

I have no hunger. I could have just drank water all day. In fact, I didn't even want dinner. I'm not depressed just really mellow. Don't feel much of anything actually. It's REALLY stange. I'm just.....present.

Did you see Dr. Oz today!! I was sooooo happy! He is doing a 28 day Raw Food Challenge for a couple of guys who have one foot in the grave. I was sooo happy because now Raw Food is gonna be main stream! A popular way of eating just like being a Vegetarian or Vegan! Whoo Hoo!!

Here's the link:

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