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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 29 - Juice Feast

March 31, 2010


Today's Juice's:

2 oz. wheatgrass

Breakfast: 28 oz. celery, cucumber, carrots, apple, romaine, chard, red cabbage, mint.

Lunch: 3 c. grapefruit, orange, tangelo, lemon, lime dilluted with distilled water to 4 c.

Echinacea Tea.

2 oz. wheatgrass w/garlic HOT!

Today's Symptom's: Head ache. Low energy. Light headed. Heat flashes, some chest pains, have to stand up slowly because of the blood not getting to my head fast enough, feeling down.....


  1. I hope you feel wonderful soon!

  2. Hi, I just happened upon your blog, I was caught by 'mormon'. I am also LDS, and a raw foodist. I'm curious about why you are on your juice fast. I did a ten day juice fast last year and lost a lot of weight from it. I remember being irritable about what I was drinking, juice gets old. I give you props for being able to go for so long!
    Please check out my blog if you are interested

  3. The mint is a good idea! I'm sure I'm going to be ready for some different flavors in a week or two!

    Follow me as I progress though my Juice Feast at

  4. Hi Emily~
    Yay! I LOVE finding other LDS raw foodies! So cool!
    Juice fasting is HARD. There are great days and there are bad days sometimes a week, like now!
    My motivation? HEALING! I've been dealing with some health problems now for almost 21 months!!
    I have great faith in this process!

    Thanks for reading my blog. I will check yours out FO SHO! ;)
    Please keep me in your prayers.