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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 7 - Juice Feast

March 9, 2010


Today's Juices:

2 oz. wheatgrass

Breakfast: 30 oz. celery, cucumber, carrot, collard, cilantro, apple

Lunch: juice from 3 grapefruits about 3 c.

2.oz wheatgrass

Dinner: 28 oz. tomato, celery, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, scallion

Symptoms: Started my period 1 day early, feel really good, labia burning? Wow! are they starting to heal??, Feel really good, slight lightheadedness, some gas, coating on tongue, some kidney discomfort, some chest discomfort, headache towards the evening, a weird red eye vein on the top of the white of both my eyes. Weird?

I woke up to burning labia. I thought to my self, OMGosh! It really is working?! As if I had a doubt...My body is healing. OMGosh! Hey, when I am all healed. I will be scientific PROOF that given the proper nutrition and rest from digestion the body will kick some butt and heal!!!

Hey, hey, hey!!!!!!

Spent practically ALL day watching Victoria Boutenko's workshop videos on youtube. Love her!
I feel like she is part of my family. An, as she put it (so cutely),

Well, that is all for tonight. Holy Cow people! Tomorrow will be a whole week of juicing!
Oh, yeah!, Oh yeah, OH, OH, Oh yeah! Work it girl! Heal that bodacious bootilicious body!
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, You go girl!!! Go! Go! Go!

Peace OUT!


  1. Not to be in your personal business, but I'm curious about what was wrong with your labia before? I saw in your most recent blog you had some white spots, is it a severe yeast infection or something like that?

  2. LOL! That's all this blog IS is personal! Ask away! ;)
    No white spots, and I don't think it's yeast because I don't have many of the symptoms?

    About 1 year before I got sick. My husband had begun to notice 2 small little rough patches on the inside of my labia. He never said anything to me about it and just wrote it off because I had begun running A LOT and he though perhaps it was just calloused :)
    It wasn't until after I got sick that he mentioned it to me and we took a mirror and took a look down there and noticed that the inside labia was all white with a sort of scaley rough feel. I hadn't had any discharge, or bad smell, or itching or burning or pain. So I scheduled an appointment with my GYN and she didn't know what it was. She thought maybe it was Lychenschlerosis and called in another doctor. He wanted to do a biopsy! Now,I had been doing raw for 1 month and knew that if I let them biopsy, and they found out that it was the worst possible thing, cancer, I wasn't going to let them cut off my labia, nor radiate or chemo me! If it was some other thing, I wasn't going to do steroid creams or take any medications, PLUS, who wants to get a piece of their labia CUT OFF?? Not ME! So, with a new found confidence in my body's ability to heal powered and fueled by a raw food diet I just decided to let my body heal it on it's own.
    I started putting a BLACK SALVE herbal cream on it but not consistently. To be honest, I just have kind of not paid any attention to it until November when they became painful. Now remember, I was now slacking on my diet. Coincidence? I don't think so! But I was going through some very stressful family problems at the time and had put myself on the backburner. By February I literally cracked and knew that I HAD to go on a fast and get myself together and focus on completely healing and do some DEEP cleansing and detoxing.
    It's day 29 today and it's been a hard week. I have been so weak and NOT felt good and been laying down most of the time. I've had thoughts of giving up. But I just can't! I have to keep reminding myself that this will pass! I HAVE to heal! My kids and husband need me to be healty and take good care of them. It's time. The greatest thing this past week has been the discovery that as of 2 days ago I finally noticed something going on down there. I'm starting to peel! I got recommited to putting on the black salve and am bound and determined to be consistent. My hope, and what I am counting on, is that as soon as my labia turn all the way back to pink, I will end my fast. Thank's for reading my blog and please keep my in your prayers!

  3. That is so fantastic. My boyfriend had a similar problem (kind of) on his leg, which we thought might be a boil. We left it alone for a long time and it never went away. While I was out of town a few weeks ago he cut it on something and it bled, so he started doing some research and what he found was that it was most likely basal cell carcinoma. He's been raw and vegan ever since and just over the course of three weeks the lump has gone down to the level of his skin. It is still scabbed where he ripped it, and that may have done the trick, but I sincerely believe that it is being healed because of his diet, and that he eats raw garlic everyday. This diet has been a miracle and I'm glad to see its working for other people too. :)