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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 42 - Juice Feast

April 13, 2010


Today's Juice's:

2 oz. wheatgrass

Breakfast: 26 oz. Parsley, spinach, carrot, apple, celery, chard, kale.

Lunch: 24 oz. grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime with distilled water.

2 0z. wheatgrass

Ta-DA! My Honey took a pic of the veggies he juiced for my dinner so he could remember what he put in it :) He's become a pro Juice Man! Oh, How I love him!
So, I think I will be adding more pics for you guys! He's so awesome I'm tellin ya!

Dinner: 24 oz. celery, carrot, romaine, cabbage, cilantro, pepper, cucumber, spinach, tomato.

Today's Symptom's: It takes me a long time to fall asleep at night. I woke up and felt dizzy. Staying down for another day. I was a bit depressed because of it and that I still am not energized like so many other juice feasters are during their feasts. I still have a coated tongue, I have forgotten to mention that I've had cracked and dry lips for a while now, some chest pressure, weird pains here and there. About 10 minutes ago, while lying in my bed with my heating blanket and pillow on my tummy holding up the laptop, I experienced the strangest thing. Right where I have felt discomfort on and off in my chest it felt like someone was "massaging" the exact area. I paused and just went with it imagining that my body was doing some healing there. Words cannot express the sensations I have felt throughout my body. I suppose that my weakness and dizziness are all just signs that my body is getting down to the business of healing and that it needs all the energy it can get and doesn't want me up and about. (Cause it knows that I will do a ton, like I usually do!)

That's it folks! Just another day of laying here completely ignorant of the miraculous works of the body, all the while holding onto faith. OH, and getting an Internet and youtube Phd in Raw Food Cuisine and Fasting! :)

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