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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 44 - Juice Feast

April 15, 2010

Weight: 130.0

Today's Juice's:

2 oz. wheatgrass

Breakfast: 20 oz. broccoli, celery, carrot, cucumber, mint, kale, beet w/greens, red cabbage.

Lunch: 16 oz. carrot

Mid-afternoon: 19 oz. grapefruit, cara cara orange, mandarin orange, lemon, lime.

Dinner: 6 oz. papaya then,
22 oz. garlic, kale, parsley, green pepper, carrot, celery, green onion, apple, tomato.

Today's Symptom's: Feel Great!!! Much less dizziness. I did a ton today.

Worst thing about today was that my husbands latest skin check up found a spot with Basal Cell Carcinoma...again. Last time was in 2000 when I was 9 months pregnant with our 3rd child. abcess came back after chewing gum (healthy gum) today. I went in to the dentist and he said that the roots are broke off and that I need to get it pulled! Sucks!

Feeling blue, I know I need to focus on how good I'm feeling, then life steps in and says "Hello!!!"

Trying to hang on :(

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