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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 66 - Breaking the Feast - Day 7

May 7, 2010


Today's Menu Plan: Juice, Smoothie, Meal

Breakfast: First I had some watermelon. 34 oz. celery, carrot, apple, beet w/greens, cabbage, broccoli, kale, parsley, garlic.

The Sun is Shining, Blue-Green Algae, probiotic, multi vit and min.

Dinner: Salad w/ romaine, cucumber, tomato, red onion, red cabbage, kalamata olives, sunflower sprouts, balsamic and apple cider vinegar, E.V.O.O., raw honey, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, thyme.

Today's Symptom's: Tummy didn't feel good throughout the night. Woke up feeling swollen...too much salt! (I learned last night that even sea salts are not that good for you. I will work on that.) Period is 4 days late??

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