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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints & Testimony

September 27, 2012

I was born in West Islip, Long Island, New York to a mother who was born in Brooklyn, NY of Venezuelan/Colombian decent & a father of Ukrainian & German desent.
My mother was an only child raised by a single mother & was sent to a Catholic boarding school run by Nuns who were not quite loving examples of Christian service in fact were abusive & fear mongers. My mother, of course, wanted nothing to do with God & grew to mistrust & detest religion...she returned to NY at the age of 17.
My father was the first of 6 children. He was born in Kiev, as a young child lived in Germany during WWII & later escaped to Venezuela with his familly. He knew much of struggle & abuse....At 22 he joined the US ARMY & moved to NY. My mothers Godmother knew my father's mother so when my beautiful mother moved to town my father just had to meet her...& the rest is history.

I don't know much about how my father felt about God or religion..but having had a near death experience when he was 39, he taught me that when we die our spirits leave our body and go on...and that we review our lives & that there is something "more" out there....
So, I lived life. A good priviledged life. An only child until I was 13, my parents worked hard & sacrificed much. They gave me piano & dance lessons, beautiful homes in great neighborhoods, wonderful vacations & trips, practically everything I wanted. I was allowed to do theater & spend a lot of time with my friends. They were beautiful, gregarious, spontanious, passionate, intelligent & so much fun! Yet there was the sad side... They were unhappy. There was disrespect, contention, yelling, fighting, insulting, infidelity, sexual, verbal, emotional & physical abuse..... I was always afraid around my parents. I blamed myself somehow... and would be a "clown" to try to make them happy & distract them from fighting. It would work sometimes..I know that they did the best that they could & that they loved me....but were struggling with their challenges as we all have to.
There was a happier time when my mother was expecting my baby sister but soon after our move to CA things got....worse... a "Happy Family" we sadly were not..I felt I did not live up to their expectations & unliked which to me registered as unloved...undeserving of love..& if your parents don't love you then..

Theater became my refuge. I felt safe. I could be someone else. No one could hurt me on stage...&
As a child I always "felt" that something was missing...I somehow "knew" that something was missing...I believed that there was something "more" about life that was just... missing...I just didn't know what it was??

I LOVED Christmas. I especially LOVED the music.. Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Away In A Manger, The First Noel... I "felt" something...
My parents never spoke of God. They used His name in vain but never prayed or spoke of His reality. I went to church a few times with my parents at Easter & Christmas but usually with my Grandmothers when I would visit them.The Russian Orthodox with my Babushka. And the Catholic Church with my Abuela. I really liked going. I LOVED how I "felt" there. There was something so peaceful & warm there. A connection to something.... My Grandmothers would speak of God but never taught me any principles or beliefs other than that.... He was. And I believed them...not only because of what they said but how I "felt"...

Somehow I got a picture of Jesus and I hung it up in my room to my mothers dismay..
One day I noticed in front of a little church near my home that said it offered free Sunday School classes. I asked my mother if I could go & she unbelieveably said yes! I don't remember anything else about it or how often I I don't think it lasted longer, But I do remember that "feeling"...

I loved watching The Brady Bunch & Little House On The Prairie. It was so wonderful seeing families that treated each other so well, resolved conflicts, respected, loved & even liked each other. My mother would tell me to turn it off...that it was fake & a "fairy tale". I LONGED for the "fairy tale"...I hoped that fairy tales came true...I somehow "knew" that they did..

My father went first to California to open "The Piano Shop" in Lomita while my mother & I stayed in New York awaiting the birth of my sister. What a wonderful experience it was bringing my sister into the world! My mother and I were actually close during this time. She was happy & without my father there she was vulnerable & humble. I loved being there for her & I will always cherish that time we had....I was able to be "right there" & help coach my mom as she gave birth. My father & Abuela were there too. I loved having my family together & finally getting a sister! I loved the "feeling" during this process. The love in the room during a birth is thick you feel you could cut it with a knife.... I know now that it's because Heaven is sooo close... I know because the room is filled with people I love both seen & unseen... Family.


My father had been visited at his store by missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He went to church with them. He went to firesides. I'm not sure if he took the discussions or not? When we moved out he took us with him to church & to a fireside. I don't remember anything about it other than that there were TONS of kids. I wasn't even aware of the name of the church & I don't remember much about it except for.... that "feeling"...I remember the fireside in Palos Verdes because I was the only child & there were two dark haired, beautiful, kind women there who gave me cookies and milk in the kitchen.  We were asked to take a teenage boy home who also lived in Redondo Beach who told us about his mom who owned & ran The South Bay Center of the Performing Arts. My parents fought over going to church & we never went back...sadly...

A few months later a girl in my 8th grade class gave me a flyer about an audition for "Cinderella". I was, of course, elated & asked my mother to take me. I auditioned & was cast as Cinderella! I also joined a performing group called "The American Youth Express". I was always at "The Center" after school very happily rehearsing..away from the fear, loneliness & chaos at home. Now mind you, it wasn't always like that...I have to say that there were good days...I do cherish those very much...


The director of the center wrote a musical called "The Light Express" that was based on The Plan of Salvation. A" train ride" through life. Childhood. Teenage years. Love. Marriage. Children. Getting older & death. It was a great show. We performed it all over Southern California. Did it a thousand times when... during one performance during a scene where a character who had just lost his wife was mourning her loss is told by the "Engineer" (a.k.a Holy Ghost) "DEATH IS NOT THE END. You will see your wife again. You will be together again." Now...I had heard this line a thousand times...but during this one performance something incredible happened to me! All of the rest of the characters had their backs to the audience during this scene. After the engineer said "You will be together again..." the most warm, powerful, feeling over came me. It went through my whole body somehow telling me that what he had just said was TRUE! I had NEVER felt anything like this before...I was overcome with tears & could barely make it through the rest of the show! That powerful energy somehow communicated to me that "death is not the end" & "we will be together again" were truths.
My cast mates were in tears, the audience was in tears...yeah...Everyone knew what had happened to me...I had felt the power of the Holy Ghost testify to me of a true principle. Death is NOT the end. Families can be together...forever.
I asked my friends if I could learn more about their church. I was 14.

I would go straight after school to The Center where I could meet with the missionaries & they could teach me the discussions. While they were teaching me the First Discussion I had the most incredible experience..I "knew" everything they told me..somehow I just knew it! It was surreal! And I couldn't get enough! I was like, "Yeah....yeah...yeah...I know that...uh huh...tell me more!" It was soooo cool!! It was as if my memory was expanded somehow and I "remembered' all of it! I KNEW it! I found what I was missing!!! After giving me THREE discussions (because I kept wanting to know more) they had to leave to go to their next appointment. They gave me The Book of Mormon & told me to read it & pray about it.... not to just take their word for it....but to ASK GOD.

That was it???? Pray about it?? Ask God??? HE would tell me????? REALLY??????? I was astonished! I don't think I had ever thought about talking to God. I mean, I had said my memorized Catholic prayers a few times...but actually having a CONVERSATION with God?? TALKING to Him?? ASKING Him a question??? And He would ANSWER?? ME??
So I did read some of it. I read the verses they had asked me to read. And I planned one afternoon, when I was home alone, to do it. I would pray & ask God if this book was true. If this church was His church. If what I was taught was true.
I remember getting on my knees. I remember my room. The light coming in from the window. I remember asking, "God? Are you there? I am reading The Book of Mormon the missionaries gave it true? Is their church right? Did what they say happen really happen?"
Then exactly as I felt that night on the stage... a warm, powerful, energy from my head to my toes enfolded me and burned within me from head to toe.
I knew. I KNEW. I REALLY KNEW IT WAS TRUE! IT IS TRUE!! I KNOW IT!! I don't just believe. It wasn't blind faith. It was a confirmation from God. A powerful physical witness that it was true. All of it. And I cannot deny it. God knows that I know. This knowing has kept me close to Him & His church ever since, no matter what. No matter peoples faults, actions, no matter what others may say. I KNOW God lives. I KNOW because He answered my little 14 year old prayer..

My parents were now seperated & soon divorced, I felt responsible.... and there was NO WAY my mother would let me go to church let alone get baptized. My father would take me out on the weekends & he would take me to church. He would take me but he sadly wouldn't stay...

I soon began having very terrifying experiences. What I now know as evil experiences. I would wake up "bound" not able to move nor speak. There would be blackness in the room, spirits...voices... the very opposite feeling of warmth, peace & love was present... I couldn't understand it?? But I was terrified. Terrified to be alone at night...Who were these spirits?? Why were they tormenting me??

My mom found me reading my scriptures in my room one day...freaked out & tore them up. I mustered enough courage to tell her that I wanted to be baptized. That I knew it was true! I even told her what had happened to me but she didn't believe me. So I told her that I didn't want to live with her anymore..that I wanted to live with my father ( I lied.). So..three days later...she had sold everything in the house except for my things & she left with her boyfriend & my sister to Missouri. With my bags packed she took me to the bus stop to go to my fathers...but instead...I went to The Center. I couldn't live with my father because of.......

I asked the director of the center if I could live with her & her family. Being the amazing woman that she is she let me stay. My father gave permission for my baptism & I was baptized the day after my 16th birthday. He was even there. :)


I kept having evil experiences...I have seen & heard evil spirits. All I want to say about this is that they are real... I was so scared and my friends told me to go and talk to my Stake President to ask him about what was happening to me. He told me that those spirits know me from before this life. They know my mission. They know what I will do in this life & they want to stop me. Well, let me tell you their effect was COMPLETELY OPPOSITE. My experiences with evil just STRENGTHED me even more!! I knew that if THEY were real. If THEY existed & had power...then how much MORE I knew that GOD lived & that HIS power was REAL. It's been about ten years ago now that I finally confronted the evil & it has stopped.

I KNOW that God lives. We are His children. I know that this life is by grand design. That there is a purpose for it. We are here to learn things & develop in ways that we could not do in Heaven. We are here to live by faith. To love & serve one another. I KNOW that Jesus is the Christ. That He died for us. That through Him we are saved & are made whole. Our pains He suffered. Our sufferings He knows. If we but come unto Him He will change our lives & this life becomes so much more than we could have ever imagined. They love us, know us, want to help us. Want us to return to live with Them. They hear us & guide us & bless us so much. If we turn our hearts & souls to Them what we gain in return is Everlasting JOY!

My father passed away when he was 49. Just 10 years after his near death experience.... I had been in Venezuela for 3 months and did not know what he was going through. He didn't want me to know. I was told 3 days before he died & he died during my return flight home. I was devasted that I had not been by his side....I raced to his condo & upon seeing his car began calling his name & ran into his home looking for him...calling out to aunts & uncle were mother was on the phone from FL...I came into the living room completely distraught when suddenly....
I felt two arms encircle me from behind filling me with peace. I knew immediately that it was my father....and that everything was ok. I felt him. He lives....and I will be with him again...someday. This is true.

When I met my husband..he had come to the PV Singles Ward Summer Ball with a friend of mine. I was upset because a guy I was dating who had been in the ward for 3 months and never dated anyone until I moved in...who was "practically perfect in every way"....who had recently told me when speaking about marriage that "when I see her I'll know"....was leaving soon to go to BYU. Thinking that she was "together" with  my now husband..I ignored him as any respectful girl would do & I lamented my dilema onto her when some guy came and asked her to dance..... I was left standing there with him....I was suddenly very embarrased that he had heard all of that especially when I learned that he was her Home Teacher...we talked for a while then he asked me to dance. We danced a few songs, went outside and talked some more and then came back inside & danced again. While were were dancing...during a FAST SONG mind you....

I heard a voice that said, "You're going to marry him." WHAT???!!! I thought, Seriously??!!! I was so upset. How could the Spirit TELL ME who I'm suppossed to marry! I was like...He's old!! He's losing his hair!!! I wanted to marry what's his name!! Why couldn't it have been him??? Then I was like..well..he's kinda cute...he can dance ok...well, if he speaks Spanish then....maybe. "So..where'd you go on your mission?", "Colombia." " I have to go to the bathroom." I left and didn't talk to him the rest of the night....

Well....I am ETERNALLY grateful for that voice...16 months later we were sealed for Time & All Eternity in the House of the Lord. How grateful I am to know that the Lord has had His hand in my life guiding me along and helping me with the most important decisions in my life. He knew that my husband & and I were meant for each other..How grateful I am...and how I love him...& Him...

Another powerful experience I wish to share with you is one that happened to me in the Temple.
I struggled with the Temple....I couldn't understand some things. Why? Why this? Why that? WhY??? So during my baby days I didn't go very often and my babies were my excuse. Soon after my youngest was weaned I knew I couldn't use that excuse anymore...During a General Conference talk about the Temple I commited to go every month. I could do that! But everytime I would complain...I would pray & ask the Lord Why??? How come this? How come that?? Well one day....

We were just seated in the Endowment room waiting for the session to begin when in came a Temple worker who asked us to wait patiently for they were waiting for others to join the session. So I bowed my head and began my usual conversation with the Lord...."Why this...why that??" when all of a sudden an energy (it's difficult to describe) came from above my head, with pressure, and through my body that was pure love in power and indescrible joy. I then heard the most equisite voice say to me, "This is your confirmation. This is My house."

I continued to receive answers to some other questions and then it began to fade. I leaned into the voice straining to not let go of it...and then it was gone. I immediately looked up. Thinking I would see something for sure. Then turned to my friend on my left and said, "Did you hear that?? Did you feel that?? Did you see anything??" And of course, she looked at me bewildered and said, "Nooo?" I wanted to jump up and tell everyone, especially I wanted to run to my husband and tell him what had just happened to me. It was GLORIOIUS! I ache & yearn to hear it again. To feel that again....
I can say with ASSURITY. The Temples are of God. What goes on in them is God's will & purpose. We may think some things strange. But....doubt not. It is His house & His way. Period.

I feel the power of the Holy Ghost witness to me each time I read the scriptures. It witnesses to me each time I sit in Sacrament meeting, Sunday School lessons, or Family Home Evening with my children. Each time I bear my witness. Say I love you. Help someone...serve someone....Right now. It is what I strive to keep with me. It is what wakes me up to check on a child. It is what tells me what to say or do to help another. It is what motivates me through this life. It is what witnesses to me of any truth. It is what has witnessed to me that God lives, He did indeed restore His church. The Book of Mormon is what it claims to be. Joseph Smith did indeed see God the Father & His Son Jesus Christ. There IS great purpose to this life. There IS life after this life. And there is NO GREATER JOY, pleasure or happiness in this life than in a life of discipleship.

I can only imagine what would have become of my life had I not had the Gospel....I don't think I would still be alive...honestly..

I am so very grateful for my testimonies. If I had not received such powerful witnesses I wouldn't have joined the church. If I had not received such clear & distinct witnesses I wouldn't be active today. I had to KNOW. Not just believe....

If you wonder if what I am saying is true, if you wonder if God exists, if Jesus is the Christ....if you wonder if He knows you...If He hears you...If you Love the Lord, if you love the word of God, if you love the Bible, the Book of Mormon. Just read it. And then ask of God. I promise you...He will answer you. I promise you that.

The Book of Mormon is a book of scripture that teaches the ministries of Prophets on this American continent. Prophets who loved their people and wanted to bring them to Christ. There is much anti literature and anti proselyting to keep people away from it...why????? Because it is TRUE! No other church gets the kind of anti attention and propaganda as the LDS. Why?? Because it is what it claims to be. Satan will try to stop you. He will tempt you. He will try to scare you. He will do anything and everything to get you off of the path of truth....

Trust in the word of God..His promises..Ask & ye shall receive...Ye SHALL receive & your faith & knowledge will be your strength forever.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen
With all of my heart,

"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." ~ James 1:5
".. you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right." D&C 9:8
"..the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word." ~ Acts 10:44
"..the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth.." ~ John 16:13
".. the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things.."
~ John 14:26
".. by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." ~ Moroni 10:5

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Cure for Lichen Sclerosus!! How I Healed

June 22, 2012

Dah, Dah, Dah, DAH!!! Drum Roll Please!!

I HAD Lichen Sclerosus & NOW I DON'T!!

It began in 2007 & NOW IT'S GONE!!

I was told it was INCURABLE & that all I could do for it was use a steroid cream.

Well guess what.......LIE!!


How'd I do it?


With the Lord as my Guide, following Dr. Douglas Graham's "The 80/10/10 Diet.

Whole, Fresh, Ripe, Raw, Organic, FRUITS & Veggies. All you can eat.

Hippocrates was right. "Let FOOD by thy medicine, & medicine thy FOOD."
Funny how doctors pledge the Hippocratic Oath & yet completely ignore his greatest teaching...

It all began October 15, 2008. I was PUT on this path. My "raw food" journey...because that's what it is. A transformational journey....a detoxing journey both physically & emotionally. Detoxing from bad habits. Addictions. Divorcing myself from the "norm" of my society, which leads to suffering & disease to marrying my new "norm", that OBVIOUSLY brings happiness & health. Period.

I have "known" all along that this was my purpose. That I would help the countless people who suffer this debilitating, humiliating, excruciating disease.

As you know I have a habit of comparing EVERYTHING to the Gospel. To the principles
& laws of God.  To me eating a vegan, plant based diet is God's ORIGINAL plan. The diet He designed to be perfect for Man. We have adulterated, corrupted, destroyed, & poisoned His foods. We have become gluttonous flesh, processed food eaters & are paying the price & the most precious cost... our health. That's a VERY high price to pay. I no longer wish to be a part of it.

When you live the principles & laws of the Gospel you reap the rewards. You are happy. You are blessed. When you live the principles of Health. You reap the rewards. You are happy. You are blessed. You are healthy. It's really quite plain & simple.

When you do these things plentifully: eat whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits & veggies, exercise, rest, sleep, breathe fresh air, drink pure water, think happy thoughts, love abundantly, serve, pray, fast, worship, faith & a relationship with God. You heal. Your body heals. IT DOES BECAUSE....
I KNOW!  I DID IT!! WE did it!! The Lord showed me the way... I followed and now.....It's GONE!!
 I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))

It has taken me almost 4 YEARS of on again, off again eating raw vegan, vegan, then low fat raw vegan.  I didn't do it PERFECTLY the whole time, although I'm sure it would have healed faster if I had......but STILL, it HEALED. Even as imperfectly as I did it. It takes time to change.....

80/10/10 did the trick. I read the book in August of 2011 and have been on again off again until 26 days ago. I've been 100% now and 26 days ago the LS was getting better & now it's GONE!!
80/10/10 did it. I'm just so amazed at how incredible eating this way is & makes me feel!

My husband & I could be finally completely intimate again after over 3 years of it being too painful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can I express my JOY over this sufficiently for you to understand the JOY this gives me???
The emotional as well as the I felt less than a I felt I felt I wanted to please my husband completely & I couldn't....and then the physical's inexpressible....

If you are suffering from LS you KNOW....if not...just's HORRIBLE..

I am here to tell you that if I could do it..... YOU CAN TOO!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Food is POWERFUL! It IS medicine, or poison.. It BECOMES us! It literally IS this body of ours coupled with our awesome spirits. Feed it properly & it will function properly and it WILL help to heal you!!

The magic is in the food. 

God bless you!!!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why I am Vegan

After I got married within 9 months I had put on 25 lbs. & my health started going downhill. I already had struggled with bulimia since the age of 16, & had terrible acne. I developed painful ovarian cysts & started having recurring Urinary Tract Infections. I became "Susie Homemaker" cooking & baking all kinds of delicacies for my husband..When I got pregnant with my first child they were so frequent that I often missed teaching piano because of it....

My girlfriend had recently come home from her mission having lost 50 lbs and feeling fantastic. She told me about how everyone in her mission was doing "Fit For Life". One day as I was suffering, I recalled this book & felt like I needed to read it. I read it in 3 nights and the next morning I emptied out the kitchen of all processed & animal foods. Within 1 week I lost 10 lbs, my UTI WENT AWAY and I haven't had a SINGLE ONE since!! I put on 7 lbs my entire pregnancy. Baby was growing..I was losing fat :) Anyway, we were strictly vegan for 3 years or so, but with time we began to "cheat" more & more until we really couldn't call ourselves vegan anymore..

Then on July 20, 2008 during therapy for whole world came crashing in on me. Most of you know the story..after many doctors, tests, neurologist, naturopaths, accupuncturist, chiropractors, witch doctors & snake oil salesmen j/k! No one could heal me...So I was left to submit my will to the Greatest Physician..the Lord.

He led me to a sweet woman who upon saying this sentence, " I had Hodgkins Lymphoma & I healed myself with food." The Spirit witnessed to me that this was what I needed to do.

She was/is a Raw Vegan (as of today 15 years Cancer free!) At that moment I began my studies of health & nutrition. I went raw overnight! Within 2 weeks I noticed dramatic changes in my symptoms & overall health & energy. I was 100% raw vegan for 10 months until family drama which brought me to my knees and I have been dealing with many issues related to "using food" as a drug to suppress pain, comfort, escape, & abuse myself. (I haven't struggled with bulimia since! I never EVER want to hurt my body like that again!) But, never the less I have continued to progress and learn from my behaviors. I pick myself up... Dust myself off... & continue forward.

First Raw Food book
I read: 

I have remained strictly vegan and continue aiming for eating an all raw diet.

My experience, studies and the countless associations & testimonies of others about their healing from so called "uncurable" diseases by just changing the diet has convinced me completely that eating foods EXACTLY the way NATURE created them is best for us & maintains & restores perfect health.

Almost all of my symptoms are gone except for 2: Occasional very scary chest pain and Lychen Schlerosus which is considered uncureable. It has been VERY scary and VERY humbling to wonder if "today is the day I will die.." EVERY SINGLE DAY since that day...

But...I have experienced tremendous improvement. The majority of my symptoms are GONE! And I have no doubt that with continued healthful living & eating I will be totally healed. I do.

I always compare the Gospel to everything and to me eating an unadulterated, pure, whose source is God, created & intended for Man, perfect in every way for our bodies diet is what's right.

Avoiding processed, additive filled, nutrient low, dead, cooked, fried, baked, microwaved, boiled, chemical, artificial, pesticide, hormone, antibiotic laden etc. etc. "foods" is like letting "No unclean thing enter" our Temple.

I believe that the diseases we suffer from today are DIRECTLY linked to our diets, lack of fresh air, water, sunshine, sleep, exercise, healthy relationships, healthy thoughts & beliefs.

I do not buy into the popular modern myths that we consider to be "truth" today. I do not believe that all of the "normal" & common ailments that civilized nations suffer from are normal. I do not believe that we are "victims" of disease. I believe in the "host theory" not the "germ theory".

I believe that health is our birthright and that we have it based on the degree to which we keep and follow the laws of health. Exceptions would include what we are innocently exposed to. The diets, drugs, chemicals we were fed in-vetro & as children. But I KNOW that the body with it's God given abilities can heal itself when the basic principles & laws of health are applied.

So there it is! I AM NOT PERFECT all the time. But, just like with the Gospel, I am working on it! :)

Ok, so, here are MY reasons for not eating animal products:

1. It is not NATURAL TO ME to look at any animal and want to kill it. Let alone drain its blood, peel off it's skin, rip it open, empty its organs. And least of it. But when I look at a peach tree, or strawberry patch, bananas or watermelon I DO!!!!!!

2. In MY natural observation and common sense of things I see that all mammals drink the milk of their mothers until ALL of their teeth come in and then they're done! No other grown mammals drink milk. Not to other mammal drinks the milk from another mammals. :/

3. All animal products do NOT contain FIBER which is ESSENTIAL for our looong colons. Thus clogging us up & resulting in slow removal of rotting flesh creating foul breath & gases (eww!) & leading to disease.

4. All animal products contain CHOLESTEROL which is NOT a nutritional REQUIREMENT. Our livers make ALL the cholesterol we need..any extra from an animal the body lines our arteries with & may cause Heart Disease.

5. All animal products are high in FAT. Fruits & Vegetables have the perfect ratios of Carbohydrates, Proteins, & Fats.....because they were CREATED THAT WAY to be PERFECT for Man.

6.Milk products contain CASEIN which is very difficult for our pancreas and livers and kidneys & is the protein which has been PROVEN to cause cancer & diabetes. (Read the China Study.) And is linked to causing among many other things: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Acne, Infections, Allergies, Asthma, Cysts, and on and on and on..

7. Because of our "modern" influence on third world countries & our growing demand for flesh & animal products we are destroying & polluting our planet & oceans to feed these animals. Not to mention that with the food we grow for animals we could feed every single mouth on this planet! I could go on an on about this....

And lastly,

8. I was further convinced after searching the Scriptures on what GOD thinks about it. I realized God's original diet for man was fruits & vegetables (Genesis 1:29) I learned that yes, if in times of lack for food, famine etc. we could use animals. But that He wants us to use them sparingly, SPARE them if we can. And BEST of is PLEASING to Him that they should NOT BE USED! (D&C 89) My children are proof that I don't need to eat animals nor any of their by products to be healthy.

They should be free too! I feel great compassion for animals & their sufferings. My heart hurts thinking about that..I hope someday we will look back on this injustice and think, "How could we have done that??"

We have been lied to by those who gain to profit from us. (I could go on and on about this too..) There ARE "Conspiring men in the last days" led by the one who wants to destroy us in ANY way he can. We may not be doing drugs, alcohol, coffee, tea etc. but a lousy DIET addicts us too! It affects EVERYTHING! Our mood, the way we feel, depresses us, makes us sick and can bring us down so that we CANNOT SERVE GOD!

That is my wish. Eating healthy is plain & SIMPLE. It's as easy as biting into an apple or 2 or 5 or 7!

It is my wish to help others to see how simple it can be. It is my wish to help others see for themselves & help themselves prevent the extremely high cost of illnesses & diseases which cause SO MUCH SUFFERING. People are doing it every day! Healing from the "scary" diseases. Healed. Not just in remission.

I am doing it too!

I know that what I say is not popular. I know that doctors will say you are crazy. I know that it is difficult to break traditions. I know that it is difficult in our society to be "different."'s getting easier every day as more and more people are changing to create a healthier future for themselves and for our children & planet. I believe we can do it together!

I am sorry for friends I have lost because of my sharing. I am sorry for friends who have blocked me. I am sorry for friends who think I am judging THEM. I am sorry if I have offended. But at the same time I make no apology for stating truths. I make no apology for defending the defenseless. I believe that what we are doing to animals is wrong. I respect you, my friends of different beliefs, lifestyles & opinions. I learn from you. I suppose my true friends feel the same way about me. :)

I WANT to be 100% healthy in EVERY WAY as I want to be 100% righteous and 100% loving! But I know that no one is perfect or ever will be in this life...

Today is a good day! I've picked myself up again & am trying again to eat my best. I feel like crap when I don't. No matter how many times I try to pretend like it's okay..No matter how many times I tell myself it doesn't matter. No matter how many times I let the negative thoughts talk me out of doing what's right. No matter how many times I let myself forget about how DESPERATELY I want to heal completely.

If I die, it will not be because of the 'diet' but because of my past. My many poor choices. My broken heart..My pains...and mostly because it would be God's will..

Anyway, I felt very strongly today to share this very long story with you..idk..I hope maybe you can understand me a little better. I want to be of any help to you. Please know that I am here for you.

With love ~