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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm so lame..

I guess you don't always get emails from commenters...I am SO SORRY for not replying to some of your comments! Forgive me!! *sigh* You can email me if it happens again: What can I help you with? Ask me ANYTHING & if I can help you I will! :)

Day 3 of a 14 Day Juice Feast

Hi Health Lovers! *sigh* How is my diet going??? Hmm... Well, I've had spurts of 100% raw (811)..but mostly I've been raw for breakfast & lunch and then eating the lfv cooked meals I make for my family. How's that been working for me?? makes social life easier...Ive enjoyed going out to eat and eating veggie sushi (sans soy sauce), Thai spring rolls, steamed veggies & rice, & miso udon noodle soup..Asian restaurants are best for low/no fat vegan options. BUT....I've gotten FAT eating this way! 158.6 lbs to be exact! And the more cooked food I eat the more I want. I must give myself credit though...I've been progressing for 4 years 3 months! I've come from being a sick bulimic to where I am today! Mostly raw low fat vegan! That is HUGE! Ive healed my body! But..I am still a food "user"..just like any other addicts. As of late I use bread as my "fix" when things aren't going well,I'm depressed or forlorn. Last week I was depressed about something and drove straight to a wonderful bakery here and bought some artisan bread and went home and made TWO HUGE veggie sandwiches and binged. Yup. I know, I know, some of you might be thinking, "You binged on a bread, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, mustard sandwich and you feel bad about it????" well..yes! I am a BREAD ADDICT and it makes me F A T!! Eating bread and other cooked stuff makes me feel bad. Literally. My face is puffy, my body is puffy, my hands and body gets stiff, I stink, my digestion is sluggish, I am sluggish, I am grumpy because of all of that...add it all together and it = no likey, not working for me. *sigh* *feeling apprehensive about confessing these things* Ok so, it's ok. I'm learning. Progressing. Learning and progressing. Isn't that what life is about? Perfection is not attained in this life..and that's what makes it perfect. I'm improving and will continue to do so until I become what I believe. My New Years Resolution was to eat 811 except for one meal a BUT, what has reinpired me is my amazing friend DOT!! She has gone on a $12,000 adventure!! She is staying at Dr. Graham's fasting retreat (fasting for 30 days!)in Costa Rica and then doing all of his courses!! For two months!!! The BEST part of this is that she is blogging about it!!! Check her out and get inspired too at I started a 14 day fast and am on day 3! I want to tell you how different my soul feels when I feed it properly. Balanced, peaceful, happy, hopeful, present, alive...right. I feel right. Like myself. My true joyous self...not the doped up, numb, unhappy one..that's the one who uses food and ends up being buried alive.. So, here's to more progressing! CHECK OUT DOTS BLOG!! Start from the beginning!