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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I think I really want this now..

Dear Whoever Is Reading This,

Here I lay. *cough attack* Sick in bed. *cough attack* Day 9. 
There's nothing like pain & suffering to bring you to the depths of humility. No greater teacher.. What happened? Well....before I get into that, I want to give myself credit: 

I have come a looooooong way! I have made HUGE changes and have improved in SO many ways! Dietary changes are difficult to make when you have been accustomed to certain things, traditions & habits your entire life! So to be at the point I am now is immense! Problem is...the cleaner your body gets...the less is tolerates little "indiscretions"....So...yup! That brings me back to why I'm lying on my back...

My son graduated from High School (party/go out to eat), from Seminary (party/go out to eat), became an  Elder (party/go out to eat), got a mission call (party/go out to eat) etc. etc. etc. Friends have Birthdays and you go out to eat. Friends ask you to go out to eat. Date night. You go out to eat. Boredom. Habit. Now you're addicted. You go out to eat. Then WHAMMO!!!!! Here I lie...



How sick have I been? Here's the order of symptoms: 
Headache from hell
Skin pain from hell
For 5 days then...
Major cough
Day 6 so far..
9 days lying here...

Of course since day 1 I've been 100% raw and drinking tons of water & getting fresh air and sunshine (ok not enough cuz I don't want to annoy my neighbors with my coughing). 

I can tell by my tongue and BM's how we'll I'm detoxing. It never fails that after about day 5 of 100% raw the "stuff" that comes out of you is...well...unique. :) Boy do notice the difference in your gut! Clean, unclogged & empty! Can you say, "flat stomach"? Yeah it's pretty awesome and reminds me how wonderful it is to be 100% raw. There's just nothing like it. 

So...once again....I'm convinced, even more so, of how important it is to eat 100% so that you never get sick like this. How its just NOT WORTH the supposed "fun" of going out to eat or "partying" on foods that are not good for the body. 

If I can just remember this when I'm feeling great, hungry & tempted to "join the "fun"". If I can just remember how awful it is to be sick. If I can just remember how great I feel, look, think when I choose fruits & veggies over Thai, Indian or Japanese food then I think I can do this. No...I know I can. 

~ Yours Truly

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