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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Friday, February 21, 2014


February 21, 2014

Posting some delicious smoothie combos for your blending pleasure! :D

I just want to point out that FRESH is ALWAYS best!! RIPE is ESSENTIAL in eating raw fruits!! You HAVE to learn when fruit is ripe!! Bananas (Naner's as I like to call them..) are ripe when they have spots! Sugar spots!! The more the sweeter and for making smoothies Naner's are the creamy BASE. So ripen those babies up before you eat 'em!! They should smell SWEET not like STARCH. 

One of these (or one comparable like the Vitmix) are most desirable for powerful blending:


6 Oranges

Frozen (or fresh of course) Pineapple (Costco) to your liking. Blend her up!

BAM!! Can you say, "Better than soft serve sorbet??" Oh yeah!!!!


2 c. Pure Water, 7 RIPE Bananas, 3-4 c. Organic Baby Kale (Costco) & 3-4 c. Organic Triple Berry (Blackberry, Strawberry, Blueberry) Blend (Costco) 

Green Smoothies are a FABULOUS way to get those green in! I try to eat at least A HEAD (1 lb.) of ORGANIC green lettuces (romaine, spinach, kale, etc.) in a day!! Yup. You need that much or more if you are an athlete. Eat a bunch in a smoothie and then have a salad at dinner everyday & you should be good! :)


2 c. Pure water
6-7 (or more! This ain't rocket science! Add to your hearts content!) RIPE Naner's
3-4 c. (Just fill that baby up!) of mangos

Tons of Organic Spinach (Costco) 
like 3-4 c. 

2 T. ground organic flax (Costco) for Omega 3's.
Watch this vid to see why Flax is importante for Vegans:

And that's how I roll...


This is only Cantaloupe:

Just Nana's & Kale:


Fresh organic spinach from my garden:

Add Naner's:

Man these frozen Organic Cherries (from Costco) are the BOMB!!!

Incredibly delicious!!!

Smoothies can be ANYTHING you want them to be! Have fun creating your favorites! Slurp up!!


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