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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Rules!

February 21, 2014

If ONE more person asks me

"What do you eat??????????"

I'm gonna....

Refer them to my blog! ;)

There are literally 1000's of fruits in this world and veggie's probably just as much! There is NO REASON to be bored with what you eat. And you WILL notice how your taste buds change and actually CRAVE fruits & veggies! Cooked foods and all that stuff you used to eat will start to look fake...When I look at foods I used to eat, I now think of what that food DOES to the body and then whatever )if any) temptation I might have goes immediately away! It's true!

You MUST always be prepared. Have your house STOCKED with food! And KNOW what you're gonna eat today!

NEVER be hungry and then go to dinner with friends!? Do NOT do that. 

NEVER let yourself get so hungry that you will cave and eat whatever's in front of you! Because YOU WILL!!
Believe me! That's just stupid. Truly.

Stay carbed up! Monitor your food ratios on

If you don't get enough calories and nutrition YOU WILL CAVE!! Trust me!! Been there. Done that!


When you are starving FOCUS on what you had ALREADY PLANNED on eating for your meal. Get to it. Anticipate it! And think to yourself, "I'm going to eat ----- it's SO yummy and it's going to fill me up and I'm going to feel SO good afterwards!! Just like you did when you used to fantasize about going to some restaurant and eating some meal there. Same thing. Billions of times healthier. Keep your FOCUS on the good!
Once you let your thoughts wander THAT'S when trouble begins..
I'm very familiar with this pattern that leads to failure, remorse & suffering...


Keep yourself inspired!
Follow those who are living it!

"Go FRUIT Yourself" is what Freelea "The Banana Girl" always says. Check her out on YouTube. She has a potty mouth and I haven't really watch a lot of her videos but after a couple of recent ones I noticed she's cut back on the swear words! She also dresses with her tummy showing to promote and advertise what a LFRV/VEGAN diet does to the body.) Check her out:

My FAVORITE girl (FullyRaw Kristina is 2nd) you absolutely MUST check out and subscribe to on YouTube is Megan Elizabeth! She is amazing!

Educate yourself! When you truly understand the 'WHY's' to eat a plant & fruit diet then you can do the 'HOW's' & they become easier with time! It's just like a Testimony! You need one to be faithful in your eating just like you do to be faithful in the Gospel. ❤️ 

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