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We thank Thee for Thy Abundance

We thank Thee for Thy Abundance
Genesis 1:29

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cream of Rice

Creamy, comforting, warm cereal or dessert! (That's how I like to eat it! :) )


Boil approx. 8 c. Water. 
Depending on how thin or thick you prefer it. (You'll figure it out!) ;) 

Blend 3 c. Organic Brown Rice 
into smooth flour.

Turn off heat then slowly and carefully add flour little by little but quickly and stirring rapidly as you do. Mix well until thoroughly incorporated. 

Add Raw sweetener to taste. I used about 3/4 c. Raw Honey 

Approx. 1 T. Cinnamon 

So yummerly!!! 



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